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Why Choose Madsen?

Above and beyond: that’s where you’ll find us.

Since every building and building owner is different, Madsen Roofing & Waterproofing believes in preparing personalized quotes that start with a one-on-one consultation to determine your long-term needs. The end result? A roofing quote that meets the exact needs of our customer, the building and its tenants. In addition to our completely customized approach, here are a few other reasons why Madsen is the right choice for all your roofing and building envelope needs: 

  • Strict safety standards.
  • The finest equipment.
  • We find solutions, rather than install or fix roofs and building envelopes.
  • Our commitment to satisfied clients.
  • Long term history, passion & dedication.
  • Good isn’t good enough—we strive to be better every day. 
  • We believe in giving back to our community. 
  • Our company is built on teamwork and empowerment.


Our fleet achieves the highest feats. 

Our work is only as good as the elements that comprise it. At Madsen, everything we do, say, and own reflects us as a company, and our top-notch fleet is no exception. From service vehicles to cranes and foam rigs, our expansive fleet is designed to meet all of our customers’ needs, and is consistently and expertly maintained to ensure proper and safe function.


Safety comes first, always. 

Happy, safe employees and team members make our success possible. It is with purposeful intention that we prioritize safety on every job site for our customers, our employees and the public. It is our goal not only to maintain the safest job sites, but also to improve safety practices and set standards for the entire industry.

Extensive training, education and oversight is our routine.

We prioritize safety on every job site for our customers, our employees and the public.

We prioritize safety on every job site for our customers, our employees and the public.

Madsen ensures the safety of our employees by providing them with the right tools of the trade.  This includes properly working safety tools and equipment that is regularly inspected, continuous and ongoing, hands-on safety training, and a culture of safety that resonates throughout the entire company. The Madsen leaders in the field are OSHA 30 Hour Certified, CPR and First Aid trained and hold numerous other trade related certifications. Every driver in our company is trained in defensive driving and we maintain a strict no-cell-phone-use policy. All new employees receive three hours of initial safety training and are monitored by a senior employee in the field.  The Madsen safety management team participates in ongoing safety education, performs on-site field safety inspections, and reviews safety policies and procedures regularly with the employees in the field. Safety at Madsen is a practice that we put first on a daily basis.

Community Service

Giving back is part of our core. 

In all that we do, we recognize that every job we are involved in is part of a larger community. At Madsen Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc. participation in local activities and charity projects is a cornerstone of our core values. We believe in doing greater good for those in need. 
We are privileged to have donated labor and time to several local charities including:

  • San Juan School District
  • The Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF)
  • Sacramento's Ronald McDonald House  
  • McClellan Fundraiser (students of Twin Rivers School-Food for families)
  • Buzz Oats Fundraiser (type II Diabetes)
  • Sacramento Food Bank
  • Sutter Hospital Child for Life Program 
  • Families First