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Title 24: California's Energy Efficiency Standards

Title 24 of The California Energy Efficiency Standards was established in the late 70's as a response to a legislative mandate to reduce California's energy consumption. As a major source of energy loss, roof-top coatings with high reflectivity are a key component of these regulations. Cool roofs help to lower a building’s energy costs by increasing the reflective properties of the roof deck and can reduce roof-top temperatures up to 100 degrees.

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Advantages of a Cool Roof System include:


  • Reduce Heat Gain in Building
  • Reduce Cooling Requirements
  • Improve Building Comfort


  • Reduces Fossil Fuel Usage
  • Eliminates the need for roofing tear off
  • Reduces Air Pollution


  • Stop Damaging UV Rays That Accelerate Degradation
  • Lower Roof Temperature Which Reduces Damaging Building Movement
  • Eliminate Leaks

For more information about California's Title 24
Nonresidential Compliance Manual For California's 2005 Energy Efficiency Standards
California Energy Commission

Madsen Roofing & Waterproofing is an approved installer of the following Cool Roof systems: